Saturday, November 3, 2007

today Lima, tomorrow Nazca

We spent the morning trying to arrange a trip to see the Nazca lines -- something of an ordeal. Back and forth, between Casa Andina and a travel agency. We thought we had it done: two days and one night, flyover, easy trip. Instead, at the last minute there were no hotel rooms in Nazca, so we're going down and back tomorrow. It's a 6-hour bus trip one way, a 45-minute flyover to see the lines, and then a 6-hour trip back. And the kicker? We have to be at the bus station at 4am tomorrow. Still. It's the Nazca Lines. Once in a lifetime.

After that, we wandered around Miraflores. It's really so much more beautiful than we thought it might be. There's nothing truly distinct about it, architecturally, as there is in Hanoi, or Paris, or Amsterdam, but it's charming and liveable.

Bimbo. I didn't even notice the woman to the left until I saw the photo on my computer.
Along the coastline, overlooking the Pacific Ocean,
are these enormous glass-fronted apartment buildings.
This church is really beautiful, I have other pictures.
There was some kind of art class going on right in front.
People were setting up their easels.
The coastline. That's a restaurant on that jutting
promontory, into the ocean. More on that later, maybe.
Every coast needs a lighthouse.
Beautiful landscaping in this park.
This huge statue of people kissing seems to inspire
people to come here and kiss. Couples were
everywhere, doing some serious making out.
Yellow. Red.
Blue. Yellow.

We're eating dinner at Las Brujas de Cachiche, a 20-minute walk (or so) from our hotel. More to tell, later tonight.

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