Monday, November 5, 2007

Miraflores and the Southern Hemisphere

So this is the deal! I've just needed to be in the southern hemisphere. If you know me, you know that I have an abysmal sense of direction. It's almost perfectly wrong -- if I think we should turn left, we should probably turn right. I'm correct just often enough to screw me up as a resource, only wrong 90-95% of the time. But all that's been wrong, all this time, is that I have a southern hemisphere head, in the northern hemisphere! My sense of direction here is awfully good. I know we need to go that direction, and I'm right. It's quite bizarre, really.

We have our breakfast place, this lovely little cafe where we can navigate our way through the meal with our insufficient Spanish, mostly because -- as usual -- the people are gracious and try very hard with us. This morning I got fresh fruit with yogurt and honey, and a cappuccino. The place is gentle, run by women, and the decor is gentle too. It's our spot now.

I want to make a separate post about Nasca. Lots to say on that one. We really like Miraflores, even though it's the ritzy suburb of Lima. We know we're not experiencing Lima -- we're heading to the center of town today, to see the colonial stuff everyone is supposed to see in Lima.

Vacation is wonderful.

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