Saturday, November 3, 2007

getting to Lima

We were sitting in the Newark airport talking about our experience of international flights leaving on time; when we flew to Singapore and Delhi, both left on time. Our flight to Amsterdam, right on time. So we figured the 2:50 flight to Lima would be the same, but it wasn't. We got a late start, about an hour, which meant getting into Lima at almost midnight. But who cares.....everything else went just perfectly. We didn't hit traffic going to Newark, we didn't get lost finding the long-term parking, we found a great spot right by the bus stop, the bus came within a couple of minutes, and the security line wasn't too long. The only weird thing was the luggage. I think everyone who was flying to Lima (except us!) was taking at least a dozen huge suitcases, plus appliance-sized boxes. Seriously.

As always, he has to pace before we get on the plane. Back and forth, off to Starbucks for me, general excited pacing. It always makes me happy to watch him do this.

The flight was pretty good, no screaming children, but it seemed so long. I think I had it in my mind as a short flight -- compared to the 19?-hour flight to Singapore, it was! But really, 8 hours isn't short. Since I was thinking "short," 8 hours felt really long. But we were lucky here, too: we had an empty seat between us. Plenty of room for all our stuff, and for being comfortable.

Shooting a little video of the take-off
No monitors on the backs of seats, unusually. Only the drop-down type every three rows.
I missed taking my pictures of the flight path.
Shaggy clouds, gray and dirty-looking.
But a gorgeous sunset -- see, it just dipped below the horizon.

We had a wonderful breakfast this morning in a little cafe -- more about that later. The funny thing was the music: Rod Stewart and Cher singing the classics. Bewitched, bothered and bewildered. Smile, though your heart is breaking.

Off to see Lima.

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