Tuesday, November 6, 2007

on the best birthday, EVER

fly Lima to Arequipa: 10:35 – 12:00
hotel: Casa Arequipa

prowl around Arequipa all day


So today is birthday #49, and it's been the very best one by far. First of all, spending my birthday going from Lima to Arequipa, with Marc. That is amazing enough. The people who picked us up from the airport from our Arequipa hotel were just wonderful, and when I told her (in Spanish! hoy es mi cumpleanos, more or less), she set up this whole thing. We got to the hotel (more on that later) and after we finished checking in, she brought out a birthday cake with Feliz Cumpleanos Lori written on it. And everyone who works here (5 people, I think -- it's a wonderful B&B) came out and they sang happy birthday to me, in English and then in Spanish. And on top of that, the cake was just wonderful.

I cried. If you know me, I'm sure you saw that coming. Can you believe....sitting in a living room-type lobby, being serenaded in English and Spanish by people smiling so kindly at me? IN PERU? After that, each one of them hugged me and wished me happy birthday again.

Now we're off to dinner. I have so much to say, but reservations await. Since this fantastic place also has wireless internet, I'll do more after dinner tonight.

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With Great Enthusiasm and Concern said...

happy birthday, my beautiful, globe-trottin' mama. :)

xoxox v