Monday, November 12, 2007

another from Cusco

The maid is cleaning our room, so time for a tiny post. This is a hilarious thing about our hotel. Yesterday afternoon, during the hot siesta time of day, Marc and I took a nap. He slept under the covers, so his feet were at the end of the bed. We went out in the evening for dinner and a long walk around the square before returning to our room for the night. I went through my suitcase to get ready for bed. After several minutes, Marc was really startled, and started saying "what's this in the bed..." and pulling back the sheets. It was a hot water bottle in a little fleece bag. We swear it wasn't there earlier in the day. It was kind of creepy......where did it come from??

So this morning when we were getting ready to leave for the morning, I went through my suitcase and lifted something I'd put there the night before and there was another hot water bottle in a little fleece bag!! I swear it hadn't been there the night before, and no one had been in the room except us. It was like they were breeding. We wonder if we'll find more today and tonight.

We just had a light lunch at this little bakery across the street from our hotel, called el Buen Pastor. We got a relatively large spinach thing in puff pastry, and a large peach turnover to split them with each other, and two orange Fantas. Price: ever so slightly more than $2. Taste: priceless.

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