Thursday, October 18, 2007


So we're going to Peru using frequent flyer miles, which means our tickets were $35 each. New York to Peru, $35. If you know my husband, you know what this means for his happiness, and for mine because of his pleasure. I grin as I type that.

The deal is that there are limited numbers of seats available for these tickets, which determined our travel dates to and from Peru. Yesterday he noticed that, instead of leaving on Sunday, we could now leave on Friday. Should we? We couldn't rearrange everything in the trip, adding a day here or a day there -- it would just be a couple new days at the beginning, in Lima. The place that we assume will be the least interesting.

But two more days on vacation, away with my sweetheart? Hell yeah. I said let's do it, even though it added $50 to the price of each ticket. Current number of days until take-off? Including today, 17. I can wait, I cannot wait. (Echoes of Beckett for those with ears to hear!)

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